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Optimal Real Time Metabolic Control

First, the Fuel Of Life: Glucose!

Intuitive Technology because your body cannot tell you soon enough if something is wrong.

Intuitive Technology for Optimized Real Time Metabolic Control

LivProactiv’s revolutionary approach is a clinically tested paradigm change that was inspired by the experiences of children with type 1 diabetes, which takes the guesswork out of managing nutrition in general, and out of diabetes, if you have it, or are concerned about it.

Mobile Accessibility

Using our app or going to our site on your phone or smart device, will result in a proactive and optimal life style.

Device Connectivity

We are currently working on integrating our technology with Amazon Alexa, Samsung Smart Things, and other devices to optimize your metabolic control experience.

Rocket Science for the Body

Since everyone’s body is different, our methods take this into account by using our ground breaking calculator. This calculator uses precise estimations to say when each nutrient will effect your glucose level.

Learn our Technology

Our technology uses our own non-invasive, unique method of tracking blood glucose levels that will allow you to proactively live a healthier life.



LivProactiv provides our innovative calculators. Using these calculators will enable the user to have a proactively controlled lifestyle.


Consultation is available for anyone that needs advice or guidance for their management. Our doctor or one of our highly qualified team members will give you any information you are looking for.

A Theorem is a Love Letter Written to all Like-Minded People of the World... Now and Forever

Brancusi: The Kiss

Theorem: A system with feedforward control loops will be stable only if its structure contains elements that have dynamic characteristics that are 'close enough' to those of its input(s) that are controlled via feedforward.

In English now: any live organism is a feedforward system that, through evolution, has become fully adapted to its natural environment.

We use the mathematical term hyperstable, to indicate that life exists only when all inputs from the natural environment are being used, (or adapted to), beneficially.

The theorem states that if we know the time functions that govern the physical input variables, the structure of the system itself can be approximaated from only a few measurements of the output variable. That means that a living organism's response to any input provided by its natural environment is predictable; loss of stability caused by any external perturbation results in premature death.